Program Review

Price Protection Program Review for heating oil and propane dealers.

Are you happy with the margin performance of last season’s fixed, capped, automatic and/or budget programs? If not, did you commit to buying too many physical gallons from your supplier at a higher differential than what could have been bought at the rack? Did you apply the appropriate risk management mix? Do you have tank storage and did you utilize this asset properly to increase your margin per gallon?

With our Program Review, heating oil and propane dealers offering a variety of programs to their customers now have the opportunity to honestly review their decisions and results without judgement or regret.

If you are a heating oil and/or propane dealer who would like to offer price protection programs to your retail and commercial customers but don’t know where to begin, we can help determine if a price protection offer makes sense for increasing your customer base.

Based on the size, complexity, and dealer’s knowledge of profitable procurement and risk management strategies, we offer fixed-rate review plans on a case-by-case basis.

It is time to feel comfortable learning once and for all the strategies that will consistently add profits to the bottom line while managing the risks of offering such programs.

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