Hourly Service

Heating and transportation fuel procurement and risk management consulting, education, and training by the hour.

Tired of an annual commitment when a few hours during certain times of the year could clarify how to buy your heating oil, diesel fuel, gasoline, or propane while managing price risk? Our hourly consulting service provides the flexibility to schedule assistance at a time when you are most in need.

The hourly payment option is an appropriate choice for both experienced and inexperienced fuel buyers. For experienced fuel buyers, it provides a flexible option for those who need a consultant and advocate but don’t want to commit to an annual or monthly consulting program. Inexperienced fuel buyers will learn fuel buying and risk management strategies appropriate for their business needs including margin profitability and cost stabilization at a pace that is comfortable. The goal is always to provide our clients with the tools and confidence to navigate the current volatile energy landscape independently with reliable procedures. Fueling your knowledge and building your skill set to make timely, profitable, and independent decisions is our priority.

Hourly rates based upon hourly increments.

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